Learning to Program with MATLAB Building GUI Tools by Craig S. Lent

 The writing is for instructors who wish to use MATLAB to teach initial programming concepts. Since many students have trouible with applying the concepts that underlie great programming practice, Learning to Program with MATLAB: Building GUI Tools was intended upon the observation that student learning is enhanced if your students themselves build the GUI (graphical end user interface) tool, construct the computational design, implement the visualization of results, and design the GUI. This text teaches the core methods of computer programming—arrays, loops, features, and basic data structures—using MATLAB. Your chapter sequence covers text-based programs, then programs that produce artwork, building up to an emphasis on GUI tools. This progression unleashes the genuine power of MATLAB—creating visual expressions of the underlying mathematics of a trouble or design.

Download Book : http://nitroflare.com/view/8EAB0B04006EB09/GUI_Building_Matlab_Books123.me.pdf

MATLAB PROJECT TITLES DOWNLOAD : http://spiroprojects.com/ELECTRONI_PROJECT_TITLES%282015-2016%29.pdf

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