Design AND Fabrication OF Homemade Air Conditioner

World is always trying to invent new one.Somebody tries to find new one and tries to modifyan ordinary one to implement a technology. Energy plays an important role in the material, social andcultural life of mankind. This is the result of population growth and increase in the standard ofliving which is directly proportional to energyconsumption. In practice air conditioner and aircooler are widely used in the world. These electricaldevices consumed more electrical power and it is not benefit for the poor people. In practice powershortage is also occurred. These problems arerectified by modification of ordinary table fan.In summer season, the ordinary table fangives small amount of cold air in the room. So thetable fan is modified by using copper tube andSpecial design Cooling Chamber. In this project thecooling of air by using cold water or any otherrefrigerant which is circulated in the copper tube forthe purpose of reducing the heat in the surroundingenvironment is of great importance in widelydistributed villages with little or no ruralelectrification and also in the urban areas where power shortage is often in practice.In this project the ice cooler chamber for storing thecold water or cold ice bars or ice cubes which whosetemperature decrease as time passes. This cold wateror refrigerant is circulated through the copper tubewith help aquarium pump which kept water cold forlong times. The fan blowing against the copper tubewhich gives more cooling air in the surroundings.

To increase the efficiency and effectiveness ofordinary fan.2. To satisfy maximum thermal comfort conditionin minimum investment of energy.3. To Decrease the room temperature. 

 To achieve 6°C to 8°C of temperature drop byusing simple mechanism.2. To achieve optimum design with minimumcapital investment.3. To utilize various resources from home andsurrounding effective manner.4. To present this innovative idea in variousengineering colleges and in conference preceding.


Copper coil

Two clay pots

48 LB Patio leveling sand

Dry ice, Exhaust fan

Polyvinyl tube

Refrigerant such as water, Glycol etc.

The components are arranged according tothe Schematic diagram. The cooling System contain

refrigerant like water or glycol whose temperaturedecreases as time passes. This refrigerant passes intothe copper coil which wounded on the front panel ofthe Exhaust fan with help of Aquarium pump .In this process the air coming from the exhaust fan passes onthe surface of copper coil .The heat transfer takes place from low temperature to high temperature thatis copper coil absorb the heat from air and given tothe refrigerant which is flowing in the coil .After thatthe heated refrigerant collected in the CoolingChamber and recalculated in the coil. Thespecification of cooling chamber is that thetemperature of refrigerant decreases with help of clay pots ans sand. The special sand is used that is 48 LB patio leveling sand whose property is the decrease thetemperature as time passes.

Various observations and results obtainedfrom the project work tell that, Suggested new designis more beneficial nd it is good advancement in theConventional design of fan.Observations of the psychrometric chartshows that, after obtaining same temperature drop by using conventional design and by homemade air

conditioner, increment in the cabin’s relative

humidity is lesser in case of homemade airconditioner.
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