Rapid Radio


RaPid Radio is a Raspberry Pi 2.4 GHz radio. Which means, simple wireless connectivity not just for your Raspberry Pi, but also for your Arduino. It's a half duplex transceiver based on RFM75 module. You can use it for almost everything you can think of. We think, you can use it for EVERYTHING, but we are just leaving some space for the unknown. You can use it for home automation, IoT, robotics, communicating between Arduino and Raspberry Pi and even a key ring. Don't believe us, head over to this really cool Kickstarter Project.

It is really tiny (27 mm x 21 mm x 12 mm) but its I/O are 5V tolerant. It is power programmable and can give you a max speed of 2Mbit. It also has an open area range of almost 70 ms, which can be improved by using rapid radio wire antenna.
Setting it up, is also no rocket science. It's almost plug and play. See the diagram given below.

You can get the rapid radio tool from the link given below or make your own. And you're ready for transmission. You can start listening to the channels mentioned in the source link. Transferring file is also super easy. Check out, how to connect it to Arduino.
They are also going to come out with Rapid Radio USB pretty soon, to make it compatible with your personal computer.
It really is, pretty cute. And no, we were not kidding about the ear ring! Check out the blog.
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